Mariale Marrero Tells Men The Looks To Ditch, Gives Some Grooming Tips And Tells A First Date Horror Story

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With over 3.5million Instagram followers, it's safe to say that Mariale Marrero has certainly gotten the attention of people everywhere. Sure, a lot of that has to do with the fact that she's gorgeous AF, but, don't see this Venezuelan short, because her YouTube channel is full of beauty, fashion and lifestyle content.

What's this mean for guys? Simple: She's pretty smart when it comes to knowing what a beautiful woman wants.

So, naturally, we reached out to Mariale to get some tips from her, with the 26-year-old telling us what styles no man should try to pull off, the importance of good grooming tips and, of course, a first date horror story to learn from, among other things.

FHM: What's It Like Being An Absolute Sensation On Social Media?

Mariale Marrero:: "I definitely don’t feel like a sensation! I just feel very lucky to have an audience to share my experiences with. They are reasons why I create content across my 3 YouTube channels, Instagram, and Facebook in two languages (English and Spanish). They are the sensation, not me!"

FHM: How Does One Go From Being A Bio Major To Giving Millions Of People Beauty Advice?

Mariale Marrero: "I started uploading videos in 2009 when much of the YouTube landscape was still very new. When I originally began posting, I only did it for fun. I always loved makeup and wanted to create a space for people with similar interests to connect. When I was on break from university, I filmed a tutorial for my mom and decided to post it. To my surprise I received a lot of comments so continued to post, and eventually built an engaged community aimed at having open conversations. Admittedly it was difficult at first. People at my school mocked me at first saying I didn’t belong as a bio major because I was too superficial since my videos were mostly about beauty and makeup."

FHM: You Also Have Great Style. What Do You Think Is The Worst Thing A Guy Can Wear On A First Date?

Mariale Marrero: "I wouldn’t ever judge a person solely on what they are wearing! I feel like the most important thing is to have a great conversation and humor never hurts!"

FHM: And, Any Items You Suggest Dudes Ditch Altogether And Just Toss In The Garbage?

Mariale Marrero: "Hmmm. A top hat? A fanny pack? I think we could pass on those!"

FHM: What Are Some Grooming Tips For Men You Can Provide?

Mariale Marrero: I’m big on smells so a nice cologne never hurts!!"

FHM: OK, Hypothetically, We're Taking You Out On A First Date: What's The One Thing We NEED To Know About You?

Mariale Marrero: "I feel like a lot of people assume things about my personality just because I have a large social media following, but I’m actually pretty much the opposite of what you would expect. I think if we were going on a first date, I would definitely want the person to have an open mind and not assume anything based on what is online."

FHM: Speaking Of: Any Horrible First Date Stories Dudes Should Learn From?

Mariale Marrero: "Probably “forgetting” your wallet! These days girls are so independent and don’t expect to be treated so splitting the bill is totally fine… Forgetting your wallet is not."

FHM: Lastly, How Are Three Ways A Guy Can Use Good Style To Snag A Woman As Gorgeous As You?

Mariale Marrero: "Wow thank you!! I think more than style, being your authentic self, a little grooming and a good cologne are definitely the way to go!"

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