What It Takes To Run An Award-Winning Marijuana Dispensary (As Told By Neil Demers, CEO Of Diego Pellicer)

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As most of us know by now, the marijuana industry is booming at the moment, with more and more states legalizing the drug and, in general, it becoming more socially acceptable. It's one of the reasons it continues to be such a hot topic issue, with people everywhere gathering as much info about marijuana as possible, with many of them interested in how they might be able to get involved in some way.

From things like the surprising health benefits of marijuana to tips on how to grow the stuff at home, we've given you plenty of help to educate yourself on weed. And, because we care about your highness (get it?) we reached out to Neil Demers, CEO Of Diego Pellicer in Colorado, to give us some tips on what it takes to run an award-winning marijuana dispensary.


For those unfamiliar with Diego Pellicer, the company is one of the leaders in the cannabis industry in innovation. Receiving plenty of recognition and honors at the 2017 Cannabis Business Awards, the company took home awards for “Retail Dispensary of the Year,” “Executive of the Year,” “Manager of the Year” and “Budtender of the Year” — which are some of the highest honors in the industry, no pun intended.

With such success, getting some detailed info about what makes Diego Pellicer, arguably, the best dispensary around got us excited. So, for those who are interested in all things marijuana, here's what Neil Demers had to tell us.

FHM: Who And What Is Diego Pellicer?

Neil Demers: "Diego Pellicer was a 19th-century explorer and business leader who banked his fortunes on hemp fields, eventually becoming the largest hemp producer in the world. He was eventually appointed colonial vice governor of Cebu, a cluster of tropical islands in the Philippine archipelago, and died valiantly in the field of battle. Generations later, his great grandson founded Diego Pellicer, the world’s No. 1 premium cannabis brand. The Spanish design signature of every location pays homage to the original Pellicer and his years as the world leader in the production of cannabis."

FHM: What's It Take To Succeed In The Marijuana Industry? After All, You Took Home Numerous Honors At The Cannabis Business Awards.

Neil Demers: "We pride ourselves on working hard to elevate the cannabis consumer’s shopping experience, as well as our community and the industry as a whole. From ensuring that every consumers' cannabis purchasing experience is of the highest quality, to supporting the arts and business on a local level, to engaging in advocacy efforts, we’re continuously focused on building up the individuals and organizations that make this industry great."

FHM: What's The Future Of The U.S. Marijuana Industry?

Neil Demers: "The short-term course of the industry will ultimately be determined by a range of factors, such as cannabis’ legality on a federal level, the banking industry’s approach to working with the marijuana space, and the speed with which individual states legalize the plant. In the long run, I find it quite likely that we’ll see a majority of U.S. states allow for the legal production, possession, and consumption of recreational cannabis, as well as the removal of cannabis from the federal drug schedule."

FHM: What Are The Next Steps For Diego Pellicer - Colorado?

Neil Demers: "We love serving our community and providing a positive, high-quality purchasing experience for consumers, and we’ll continue to further develop our work on both accounts. On a daily basis, new products are being introduced, new innovations are being brought to the table, and new segments of the population are becoming open to the concept of legalized, recreational cannabis. We plan on continuously honing our craft and optimizing our work around these new developments."

FHM: Any Advice For Entrepreneurs, Either In Or Out Of The Cannabis Industry?

Neil Demers: "The marijuana industry is among the most difficult spaces for entrepreneurship, given the complex net of legal regulations and constantly shifting demands of the sector, but it’s a tremendously rewarding opportunity that we’ve never seen before. The massive potential for changing people’s lives and realizing extraordinary profits, with the right mindset and work ethic, can be hard to pass up, though anyone interested in finding success in the space will need to have a passion for the work itself. I can’t say enough about the importance of acting ethically, reinforcing your personal beliefs and values through your work, and focusing on the specific needs in the marketplace that can be met through your product or service.

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