Fifth-Grader Accidentally Fed Her Grandpa’s Weed Edibles To Some Classmates And It Was Reefer Madness

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With medical Marijuana, and subsequently, medical Marijuana edibles being legalized in 29 states now, it's time for the talk. You know, the talk. No, not that talk. The talk where we patronize recreational and medical users alike that it's really freakin' important to keep that sh-t under lock and key. Otherwise, kids are going to get ahold of it and you're going to mess it up for the rest of us responsible tokers! Oh, wait, that already happened, and it happened in a big, national news coverage sort of way.

According to TIME, a group of New Mexico elementary students accidentally shared a box of marijuana edibles. An unnamed 9 year old came to school with what appeared to your be your standard gummy candy. Turns out, they were laced with good ol' THC. TIME confirms that school officials were only made aware of the incident after students reported to the school nurse feeling sick and dizzy. Yeah, edibles will do that to a fifth-grader.

The kicker? The edibles apparently belonged to the little girl's grandfather. Presumably, he was using them for some sort of pain management associated with old age. Then again, he might have just been trying to cop a mean buzz — who knows? It was reported that the children (three in total) were unharmed, with no lasting symptoms. Some of them said they felt, "giggly", but, hey! Not the worst thing in the world, right?

Moral of the story: keep your edibles somewhere safe. If you're comfortable, explain to your kids that they're medicine and shouldn't be touched, under any circumstances. You know what? Just go ahead and tell them that they're poison — that will ensure nothing like this ever happens again! Parenting #ProTip, you're welcome.

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