Is Smoking Weed At Work OK? Experts Weigh In With Some Pieces Of Advice

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It wasn't too long ago that we told you about how people are "pleasuring themselves" to relieve some stress while at work. But, with the rise in popularity of marijuana legalization and marijuana in general, it turns out people are turning to the drug to help calm them down and focus a bit more while on the clock, too! That got us thinking: Is it OK to do?

Rather than just declare yes or no, we reached out to some of the most respected and influential people in the cannabis industry, relying on the experts to tell us what they really think about the idea. Look, if people want to get high at work and it actually helps their productivity, then why not allow it, right? Then again, most states are still against legalizing pot, and have a zero tolerance rule when it comes to using it.

We all know that there are a lot of marijuana facts and marijuana benefits that continue to help us determine when and if it's safe to consume it. But, generally speaking, in the workplace is one spot where no one would think it'd be OK to do. After speaking with our experts, though, you may change your mind — but be careful if you do it, because the last thing we want is for you to get canned for treating a smoke break like a frat party.

"It’s widely known that cannabis affects everyone differently, thus it also creates various effects on everyone’s productivity. I know people who love the effect of cannabis as a relaxation tool, but the lethargic effects linger slightly with them the day after, so they avoid using cannabis on weekdays. I also know people who are completely refreshed and stress-free after using cannabis, which allows them to focus easier and be more productive. The key is to respect how cannabis works with your body and adjust your consumption habits accordingly, instead of adjusting your lifestyle to fit your consumption habits." — Richard Huang, Co-Founder of Cloudious9

"Cannabis use for medical reasons should be viewed in the same light as any other medication, and dependant on the job you are performing. It should be allowed in quantities that don't alter one's ability to do their job, nor have a negative effect on productivity. Low dose ingestibles and topical applications would be suitable in most situations. Smoking cannabis should be regulated just as smoking cigarettes in the workplace is." — Dr. Andrew Kerklaan, President & Founder of Dr. Kerklaan Therapeutics

"I prefer to refer to it as 'consuming' cannabis at work as opposed to 'smoking,' considering that there are an ever-growing variety of consumption methods. I very much feel that cannabis has a home in the workplace for many individuals. Despite prevalent stereotypes to the contrary, there are specific products and strains that can cause certain people to be more focused or energized. Additionally, there are strains that are great for inducing creativity. There are many patients that need to remain medicated throughout the day to control symptoms of their conditions that would otherwise affect their ability to work. Of course, there are also individuals who have trouble working while using cannabis. It's important for consumers to go through some trial and error when it comes to preferred cannabis consumption and dosing, as everyone's body reacts to the plant differently. It's important for people to keep their minds open when it comes to cannabis consumption in the workplace, as its actually works very well for some and not so much for others." — Jeffrey Zucker, Co-Founder and President of Green Lion Partners

"When I began researching strains to build our database, I never imagined that serious and mature people would indulge in cannabis at their workplace. First, it was my own experience that getting stoned never equated into productivity, and secondly, the sweet smell of cannabis permeating through the air is offensive to some. As I researched deeper, I discovered that there are specific sativa-dominant cannabis strains that will help you stay focused, alert, and creative, such as 'Haze' and 'Very Berry Haze,' while others such as 'Super Sour Diesel' and 'Shipwreck' help keep you alert and rejuvenated. The advent of cannabis oil vape cartridges, an emerging popular ingestion method, enables your ability to indulge without invading the air space of others. Depending on what type of work you do, there is probably a perfect strain to increase your productivity while putting a smile on your workday.” — Mike Weiss, President/Founder of Nature’s Dream

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