Vaping: From Best Products To How To Smoke Safely, Here's Everything You Need To Know, Per Experts

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Whether you're a fan of smoking marijuana from a pipe, a joint or something else, or prefer to cook with the stuff, we've seen plenty of different ways people get their high on. One of the more popular ways, these days, is vaping, with more and more marijuana users finding it the most convenient way to get their smoke on.

And, because we really care about how you're consuming weed, we asked a few of the leading cannabis industry experts about all the things one should know about vaping! From the best marijuana accessories, to how to use a vaporizer to, finally, smoking it safely, these guys told us the most important tips to enjoy it.

We often give you a lot of marijuana facts, so allow these experts tell you why vaping can be the best marijuana experience for you.


"Vaporization is one of the fastest growing ways to consume cannabis, and choosing the right vaporizer for your habits is very important. First, a consumer should decide if they want to vaporize flower, concentrates, or one that does both. Next, they need to check out reviews and friends' recommendations to be sure they're spending their money on the right mix of affordability, durability, and most importantly: performance.” — Mike Bologna, CEO of Dipstick Vapes

“Most important thing is to figure out how you are going to use this vaporizer. Do you prefer oil, flower or concentrate? Are you a strictly at-home user or do you like to partake on the go? There simply is no “all in one” solution, so it’s important to dial it down. Whatever your choice, look for a brand that offers premium materials, precision temperature control and a strong warranty. With the premium vaporizers coming in at a higher price point, make sure to protect your investment and get all of the features that will allow you to really experience different feelings that vaping at various temperatures brings. Plus, these vaporizers are reaching temperatures upwards to 500F and you shouldn’t be inhaling plastics, kind of defeats the purpose.” — Shauntel Ludwig, Vice President of Operations for DaVinci

“The top three pieces of information that I ask new consumers to espouse are: 1. This is an investment; 2. Vapor is different than combustion; and 3. Practice conscious consumption. Do your research- buy the best you can afford and look at the functions and features higher end vapes offer. Don't be cheap as you may pay for it later. This is an investment for your lungs. Vaporizers produce a fine mist, not huge clouds. Huge clouds mean combustion which is fun for short term, but long term may not serve your investment goals or your lungs. Lastly, once you have finished a bowl, it should be lightly toasted, never black. Once you've vaped your material, it still has life in it... sprinkle it on your Saturday morning smoothie, cereal or salad and get out there.” — Lisa Harun, Co-Founder of Vapium

“When it comes to vaporizer safety, it's important that the type of coil that's being used matches the type of active substance (viscosity, density, capillarity). By ensuring that you're matching the type of device to a type of active substance, you'll reduce the likelihood of bad emissions and greatly increase the effectiveness and extend the use of the product." — Arnaud Dumas de Rauly, Chief Strategy Officer for The Blinc Group

“Vaporizers are one of the greatest things that ever happened to smokers, in my opinion, and I am proud to be part of this movement. Like a lot of things, personal preference is a big factor in your purchasing decision. The best way is to try them and truly get a sense of what you are purchasing. If that is not possible, going to a trusted smoke shop or online source also helps. Finally, getting a product from a source or brand that will stand behind their product is a must, even if that means paying a premium for it.” — Richard Huang, Co-Founder of Cloudious9

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