Pot Experts Tell Us What Their Favorite Cannabis Strains Are (You Know, Just For Sh*ts And Giggles)

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Whether you're a regular marijuana user or just someone who does it after more than just a few beers when he's out with friends and feeling a little devilish, it's always interesting to get info about most people's favorite recreational drug.

And, as we've done time and time again, we spoke with some of the leading cannabis industry experts to give us a bunch of information about weed, with this week focusing on their favorite strain—and why they like it so much.

So, grab a joint and see what they had to say... or don't, unless it's legal, of course.

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  • "Chocolate Thai is my favorite cannabis strain because of its true landrace genetics, making it a very strong Sativa. The beautiful thing about this strain is how well it helps with focus. I personally have been diagnosed with ADHD, and Chocolate Thai has helped me focus better than any Adderal or Vyvanse." — Alejandro Canto, Owner/COO of Diego Pellicer, Washington


  • "Our genetics education began when we met the Strain Hunters. As purveyors of fine land races for over 30 years (literally traversing the globe for unique genetics), we have been fortunate to sample their findings. Now we have a better understanding of the subtleties of sativas and indicas and how to apply them for wellness, my personal preference is Super Lemon Haze and Jack Herer. As the industry matures, I await the day that we share (publically) strain preferences as the new normal, choosing cannabis as OTC products over pharmaceuticals." — Lisa Harun, Co-Founder of Vapium


  • "By far my favorite strain is a rare boutique strain called “Bubba Skywalker” found in a select few shops in the Los Angeles area. Based on the name, you would think its Bubba and Skywalker OG crossed together, but that's only half correct. It's a cross of a rare Pre 98’ Bubba and a secret OG that was privately created. I just love how purple and frosty it is, the sweet smell, candy-like taste, smoothness, and most of all, it has got all the best things about Indica (yet doesn’t knock me out so I can still enjoy my evening without feeling like I am a second away from falling asleep). It's also fun finding out about these boutique strains, who created them, and where to get them because they are almost always grown to a quality and uniqueness that your more common strains rarely reach.” — Jason Santos, CEO of Burn TV

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  • "Sour Diesel.The original NYC delivery service legend, real Sour Diesel packs a seriously potent punch with the irresistible scent and flavor of citrus and fuel. Seasoned smokers instantly recognize the light-colored lime green flowers framed by dark green sugar-leaves."

  • "Girl Scout Cookies. With a sweet and earthy aroma and terpene profile, this hybrid provides a soaring, electric buzz perfect for an inspirational daytime smoke. Some phenotypes will turn a beautiful purple hue but all versions of this delightful flower inspire a feeling of relaxed euphoria."

  • "Gorilla Glue #4. Frosty, fragrant and full of THC, this strain falls on the indica-dominant side of the hybrid spectrum. Relaxing yet uplifting, the pungent and sticky GG4 provides a body "stone" perfect for patients with insomnia, anxiety or muscle pains."

  • "OG Kush. This Southern California stalwart is the West Coast bookend to Sour Diesel - stinky, flavorful and supremely potent, the real OG continues to rule the roost. Hints of pine and lemon dominate the nose, but ultimately, it's the long-lasting strength of the Kush that keeps shining through."

  • "Strawberry Cough. Discovered by our own alumnus Kyle Kushman, this unique strain tastes like strawberries and Haze and smells like incense when it burns. The high is super cerebral and ideal for a walk in the park or a brainstorming session." — Danny Danko, Senior Cultivation Editor at High Times


  • "I would have to say that my two favorite cannabis strains are Narnia and Grape Island Skunk. I believe “Narnia” is best described as a very clean and clear positive energy high. It is a great strain to enjoy when you want to be social and active around other people. It’s very uplifting and talkative high experience. Meanwhile, Grape Island Skunk smokes as a perfect balance of mind & body high. I find to enjoy it most when I want to chill out but still have good energy to do things. I enjoy this most watching a movie or listening to music but still have enough energy to be outside and be active as well." — Mike Mercer, Co-Founder of Soulshine Cannabis

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