Innovative Cannabis Products That Are Changing The Way People Get High

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If you haven't taken notice, the cannabis industry has come a long way from what your college-self probably remembers it being — which was nearly nonexistent. Outside of that one kid in your dorm who scored pot from some random friend of his, there weren't many options in terms of smoking the stuff.

Fast-forward to 2017 and things have changed in a big way.

With a bunch of states legalizing marijuana and it becoming a booming industry, the way people are getting high has moved beyond just rolling a joint and sitting in silence. As we've done in the past, we reached out to some cannabis experts to reveal some of the newest cannabis products on the market, responsible for innovating the entire industry.

Hydrology9 Vaporizer

The Hydrology9 vaporizer has a range of great features, from an innovative even heat distribution system, to precise temperature control technology, to an LED light display in the water chamber. What ultimately makes the vaporizer a game-changer, however, is its patent-pending, integrated leak resistant water filtration system, which provides for cleaner and smoother inhalation with no additional attachments or setup. The Hydrology9 is the first vaporizer to incorporate this type of system into its design, thus modernizing the vaping experience and advancing innovation in the space.

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IVXX Vape Pens & Cartridges

IVXX Vape Pens & Cartridges are made from the highest quality materials and contain 100% pure cannabis oil. Unlike other cannabis oil vape pens, IVXX's vape pens & cartridges are absent of PEG (polyethylene glycol), which can result in exposure to harmful carcinogenic compounds when heated and inhaled. Tested and held to the highest standards of purity and consistency, these terpene-enriched oils are becoming increasingly popular as high-quality, concentrate-based consumption becomes the standard for cannabis enthusiasts.

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Eyce Mold 2.0

The Eyce Mold 2.0, constructed from silicone, creates an all-ice chamber via its molding design that cools smoke to -3 degrees celcius. The product was designed by computer hardware engineers and combines the benefits of glass, silicone, and plastic, providing a unique smoking experience for consumers via Patent Pending technology.

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710 Shark Oil Filling Machine

The 710 Shark Oil Filling Machine by Convectium is the first automated filling machine for the Cannabis industry. This one-of-a-kind filling machine can fill vape cartridges, disposables vape cartridges, capsules, tincture bottles and more. It can also be customized and adjusted to your specific needs. Some benefits of the 710 Shark is it can fill up to an average of 100 cartridges in 30 seconds, it has a dual heat injection system that makes it easy to fill even the thickest of oils and a user friendly touch screen control panel.

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With over 7500 available marijuana strains to choose from, Cannacopia solves the buyer’s confusion of what strains of cannabis to purchase, where to purchase, how much to spend, and where to find the best value. Cannacopia is unique because it is the only platform that enables you to discover which marijuana strains help you feel the way you want, based on your desired mental mood, physical effects, medical condition, and taste preferences. With Cannacopia’s easy-to-use interface, you simply slide the 4 effects buttons to determine the way you want to feel and Cannacopia will recommend the strains that are perfect for you. Similar to Yelp, buyers can also rate, review, and recommend.

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