Marine Tricks His Cheating Girlfriend Into The Most Lethal Trap (And We're Happy He Did)

Image via YouTube

If there's one thing we all know is true, it's that cheating absolutely sucks. Whether you're the one doing it—shame on you—or you're the one getting heartbroken over it, if there's one way to really mess someone up in the head, it's by doing this.

But, unfortunately, it happens to the best of them—see: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

That said, when it happens and one of the people in the relationship actually catches his/her partner in the act, it can lead to some epic reactions from both sides. And, as the title of this article states, one marine got the absolute best from catching his cheating girlfriend directly in the eye of the storm.

For some background info, the man has been deployed in the marines for about a month, as he says in the video, and, during that time, his girlfriend had been going behind his back to talk with a bunch of other dudes in his absence to, apparently, get her fill.

Setting up a fake Facebook account, the man—named Daniel—decided to play his own lady by setting her up in a lethal trap, Facetiming her right into her own lie.


Man, that's some solid investigative work by him. More so, it's an extremely ballsy move, too, with the man having enough confidence and guts to look his girl in the eye and call her out for cheating.

Although Daniel's girlfriend is quick to pull the trigger on the call by ending it after a few seconds, he looks like a proud man, turning red in the face and looking for the words to say, before simply saying, "Hi, do you want to play this game? You didn’t think it was going to be me, did you?"

Bold, brother. Bold indeed.

I couldn't imagine having to do something like this, but, hey, here's to this Daniel guy for having a plan and calling his lady out on her bullsh-t. As he says so in the video, "whatever, plenty more fish in the sea." Here's to you getting yourself a good one next.


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