The World's Largest Super Soaker Is Basically A Military Grade Weapon

Image Via YouTube/MarkRober

I hadn't heard the name Mark Rober ever in my life, until about 5-minutes ago. Either I'm sheltered or he isn't that well-known. In either event, I'm going to go ahead and throw a little bio your way so you have some idea of who we're talking about here. As per Google—"Mark Rober is an American engineer, inventor and YouTube personality. He is best known for his YouTube videos on popular science, do-it-yourself gadgets and creative ideas."

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Alright well, that wasn't the most helpful description in the world, but at least we did our due diligence. Anyway, this dude might want to go ahead and add arms dealer to his CV because the monstrosity that he created in the form of the world's largest super soaker could 100%, without a doubt, kill someone. Hell, it could kill multiple people at once, presumably. Take a looK!

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Taking some snippets from the description on YouTube (at least the ones that were using real words) I went ahead and put together some quick facts about this bad boy:

That's about all there is worth knowing, gentleman. Cool? Yes! Scary and unnecessary? Also, yes! I'm just trying to imagine getting hit with water moving at 243 MPH and it just really, reaallyy doesn't seem ideal. Good news is, that this thing is FAR too big for any child to get their hands on.