Mark Wahlberg Prays For Forgiveness Over 'Boogie Nights' (Even Though 'Ted 2' Was Way Worse)

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We hate to be cruel, but, Mark Wahlberg is a pretty hit or miss actor. Don't get us wrong, the man can rap, dance, and wear the hell out of a pair of Calvin Klein briefs, but just one glance at Marky Mark's IMDb page and you'll have to agree — his acting game is a little bit weak. In the event you're too lazy to go ahead and browse that for yourself, no worries. We'll provide a few keen examples.

If you happen to be a mega Mark Wahlberg fan, you should just stop reading now. We're not going to get any kinder from here on out...

Alright, so we suppose that wasn't too vicious — if nothing else we covered every part of his movie spectrum from good to really not good. Turns out however, that none of those movies even register of Wahlberg's radar. According to the Chicago Tribune:

"Standing next to Cardinal Blase Cupich on Friday night in Chicago, Wahlberg, a committed Catholic, told Chicago Inc., 'I just always hope that God is a movie fan and also forgiving, because I've made some poor choices in my past.'"

Hm, Boogie Nights, huh? The plot is somewhat ridiculous as Wahlberg plays porn star, Dirk Diggler, to the tune of a 1970s film-set, but Boogie Nights is actually sort of a classic. It's strange that he would name that as one of his biggest acting regrets. We suppose it has to do with the more "deplorable" subject matter. After all, he was interviewing with Cardinal Blase Cupich in hopes of drawing young people to join the church. Hey! At least he owns it. Wahlberg says:

"I've never been shy about sharing my past and the bad decisions I've made and being affiliated with gangs, being incarcerated, so absolutely I think they can identify with me on a personal level, and that's why I've continued to try to do as much as I can to help young people."

Kudos to you, Mark! Even though Boogie Nights is far from the worst offender in today's world, we give you the nod for trying to make it right. If only others in Hollywood felt Wahlberg's sense of responsibility.

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