Married, Pregnant Teacher Arrested For Allegedly Having Sex At Both Home And School With 17-Year-Old Student

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A 33-year-old female teacher from a private school in Australia is the latest educator to find herself in hot water, as she's alleged to have had multiple sexual experiences with a 17-year-old male student—who revealed his relationship with the teacher back in September.

According to the Daily Mail, the two allegedly had sex four times at the school and twice at her home between January and March of this year.

While the teacher—who is pregnant—has yet to be identified, the court thought it be important to release the school's name, Sydney Grammar, to encourage any other victims to come forward.

The teacher did not appear in court, but did enter a plea to the six counts of sexual intercourse with a person under care between 17 and 18 years, and one of indecent assault. She's currently suspended and, following her arrest, posted $30,000 bail.

It has been reported that the teacher's husband is standing by her side through the process.

H/T Daily Mail