NFL Running Back, Marshawn Lynch, Asks Out Married Reporter During Interview And We Just Can't Look Away

Image Via Twitter/clintrlamb

Have you ever sat in traffic for an hour straight wondering why the hell it won't just move? Well, more often than not it's because of rubber-necking. Humans just can't help but stop and stare when it comes to colossal car crashes. Turns out, the same can be said of incredibly awkward interviews involving reporters and cringeworthy NFL stars. According to The Score

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"Marshawn Lynch avoided the media spotlight as much as possible during his time with the Seattle Seahawks, but now that he's playing for his hometown Oakland Raiders, he appears to be warming up to the cameras. The running back was in hilarious form while chatting with former Seahawks teammate Michael Robinson and co-host Colleen Wolfe during an NFL Network segment Saturday. After ignoring Robinson's request not to curse on air, Lynch asked Wolfe on a date to the Oakland soul food restaurant he recently purchased (this was before he noticed the ring on her finger)."

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Take a look for yourself, and from one viewer to another, if you're able to do it, I commend your ability to watch the entire thing without being incredibly overwhelmed by second-hand embarrassment. Gotta love these NFL characters for managing to entertain on and off the field. P.S. You go Colleen Wolfe! I would have turned bright red, started stuttering, and immediately exited the interview out of sheer discomfort.

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