Watch This Maryland 'Terps' Fan Smash A Beer Against Her Head Then Chug It Like A Damn #BossLady

Image via Reddit

After many years and many failed attempts, we have finally discovered that love at first sight is, in fact, the real freakin' deal. If you're feeling skeptical, don't worry — we've got definitive proof below that might have you singing a different tune. Who knew we'd find true love from the Maryland Terps? Crazy world, huh?

What you're about to see hasn't been edited for dramatic effect or sex appeal. It's the perfect trifecta of everything men love and need in our lives — women, beer, and sports related celebration. Take a look:


Girl smashes a beer on her face, then drains it from videos


Unfortunately, not a soul has come forward to share the identity of this mystery heroine. Who knows, maybe she's not even a University of Maryland student! Jesus, the possibilities are endless. It's unlikely, but anyone who can rail a can of beer that hard against their head might not even be human! Seriously, she goes HAM.

Anyway, robot or not, we gotta know who she is! FHM readers, we implore you to whip out that citizen journalist card and start unraveling the true face behind this moment of beauty!


Our sentiment exactly, Matt Scalici. Remember guys, it's not always about finding the girl who can cook you a nice meal or raise your children with poise and grace — sometimes you just want a lady to be able to act like a complete, beer chugging degenerate with.

Image via Reddit

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