WWE Superstar Maryse Mizanin Tells Us The Places No Guy Should Ever Hit On A Girl

Image via Amanda Gift, Snaps Studio

There aren't many entertainers more talented or more sexy than Maryse Mizanin. Known to many of us from her time in the WWE, Maryse is set to star in the E! show "Total Divas", which premieres on November 16th.

Married to 14-time WWE Champion Mike "The Miz" Mizanin, Maryse also happens to be a former Miss Hawaiin Tropic and model, giving her the necessary credentials to reveal where the right—and wrong—places for guys to hit on women is. Today, she offers up the spots where no man should even try to grab a girl's number.

The Gym

There’s nothing worse than working out and having a guy walk back and forth looking at you, because you know he wants to talk to you, but he's calculating his tactic! Then, somehow, he comes closer and introduces himself while you're halfway through the workout—and super sweaty, with messy hair, bad makeup and out of breath! Not really the best time, man, but thanks for messing up my workout!

Victoria’s Secret

If a guy hits on you while you're shopping for underwear and lingerie, the guy is either married, has a girlfriend or is a total creep! Need I say more?

The Doctor

I don't want my mother, friend, or even my husband to talk to me when I'm not feeling well. When I’m sick, leave me alone! Don't breathe, cough or talk to me. As a matter of fact, stay as far away from me as possible. There’s a reason you are at the doctor, and I don't want any part of it.

At A Red Light

Don't roll down your tinted window that has your crappy music playing trying to say, "Yo, what's up, baby?" I'm not impressed. I'm no holla back girl! Sure, that's dated, but it's sure as hell relevant.

While Shopping

I'm extremely focused when I go shopping, whether that's at Whole Foods or Neiman Marcus. With the way I shop, it requires someone to stay a minimum of five feet away from me, especially when I'm in line—so don't bother me.

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All images provided by Amanda Gift of Snaps Studio.