Massive Great White Shark Decides To Chill Near Shore, Idiot Man Joins (Video)

Image Via YouTube/DalePearson

You know what I think? I think that if a creature that normally patrols the depths of the ocean decides to come 3 feet away from the f'in shoreline that you should leave him (that's the pronoun I prefer for sharks) alone.

Why do I think you should leave said majestic creature alone? Well, because chances are it's injured, agitated, or both! That's generally why any animal, land or sea, exhibits odd behavior. Everyone knows that!

It seems like the idiot man, Dale Pearson, had some knowledge regarding sharks, but seriously dude? What gives? Were you going to wrangle him and then lead him further out to shore? Doubtful. I mean, don't get me wrong, the footage is awesome, but he could have gotten himself killed.

I'll let you guys take a look before I continue to yell at Dale.

I actually found this footage to be more sad than exciting. The poor shark was just swimming in circles, bleeding out, while f'in Dale stood there narrating. I did however fully enjoy when someone screamed, "fuck me running!!" That was classically comedic and perfectly timed.

I wouldn't necessarily go as far as saying that sharks are our friends, but I don't think they're our enemies either. I apologize if anyone reading has experienced a shark attack and I'm being insensitive. I'm just saying, you don't bother them, they won't you!! Technically speaking, being in the ocean AT ALL is bothering them! Imagine someone deciding to just swim all up in your bathtub. Wouldn't be cool, would it? In fact, you'd be more than entitled to bite them. I mean, if you can shoot someone in Texas (I think) for just stepping your lawn, it seems only justified to bite some stranger in your tub.

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