Forget Rogaine! A Chemical In McDonald's Fries Can Cure Baldness (Per Research)

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About a month back, we published a study regarding the negative effects of fast food. While we still fully support the validity of that research, we'd like to make a slight exception. If you have thinning or balding hair, it might be time to add McDonald's french fries to your diet, stat! No, we're not joking. Turns out, everyone's favorite fries contain a chemical that has the potential to generate hair growth. We're not entirely sure how we feel about McDonald's being the cure to male pattern baldness, but, hey! It's a whole lot better than looking like a Chia pet with hair plugs, right?

The scientific execution behind this discovery is actually pretty simple, although we're sure it was a lot more complicated in execution. According to the Daily Record, who interviewed the team of Japanese scientists pioneering this project, they saw success in experimenting on mice. If the research is then successfully applied to humans, it could be revolutionary for not only the grooming industry, but, apparently the fast food industry as well! We imagine McDonald's french fry sales skyrocketing.

Hair regrowth is a billion, yes, billion dollar industry. The fact that hair follicles have never been grown this way is groundbreaking. Hair loss troubles millions of people all over the world, these scientific strides will come as a relief to men and women alike. Professor Junji Fukuda, of Yokohama National University, who is leading the study explains the process:

"The Japanese team's breakthrough came after they managed to mass produce 'hair follicle germs' (HFGs) in the lab for the first time. These are the cells that fuel follicle development. They are the "Holy Grail" of hair loss research, as they have never been regenerated before. And the secret was to use the McDonald's fries' chemical dimethylpolysiloxane in the vessel in which they were cultured. This is added for safety reasons to prevent cooking oil from foaming. It was particularly effective for the HFGs because oxygen easily passes through."

Well, guys, we may have lost you with some of the more scientific terminology, but, if the results have proven effective and safe on mice, it's worth considering! We don't recommend throwing away all your baseball caps and Rogaine just yet, but it looks like a fuller, hairier future is on the horizon and it's coming straight from those glorious golden arches.


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