The New McLaren 570S Spider Is Breaking Supercar Stereotypes

The definition of a supercar while important for the purposes of this article, is also a wee bit depressing—"A supercar is a luxury, high-performance sports car or grand tourer. The term is used in marketing by automakers for unusual, high-end vehicles, and has been used to refer to at least four different sorts of cars: Limited-production specials from an "elite" automaker."

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Based off that description, it's safe to say that while the average person appreciates everything that a supercar has to offer, they can't very well afford one themselves. The world elite alone is enough to make you feel all sorts of bad about yourself as squeeze your fists at the thought of Kylie Jenner buying her low-rent boyfriend (at the time) a Bentley ....and wishing that could be you!

We've all had the pipe dream conversation about what sort of whip we'd drive if money were no object. Me personally? It used to be a baby pink Mercedes convertible with ivory leather interior, possibly embroidered with my initials and adorned with a custom license plate reading, 2cute4u. That was mostly a joke, but yeah, you get the idea, when you take money restrictions off the table, the human brain runs wild with imagination and possibilities. Ya'll remember the dude who blew 13 million on a Rolls Royce? That's what I'm talking about.

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McLaren has decided that it's time to change the perception of supercars with their new 570s Spider. Franky speaking, you guys might laugh when I tell you the price, but as far as elite rides go, it's well, sort of attainable. Which is the exact word the company used, McLaren is in fact calling this their most "attainable" supercar ever. Easy for them to say, right?!

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According to The Verge—McLaren says the first 400 units of the 570S Spider will be “launch edition models,” and will be priced at $208,000 each. That’s almost $200,000 less than the 675LT Spider and $120,000 less than the 650S Spider. So attainable! The convertible comes in two colors: “Sicilian Yellow” and “Vega Blue.”

My advice? If you can in fact afford this car, please go with Vega Blue. Just my opinion, take it or leave it! Check out the pictures of this gorgeous ride below!

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