Introducing The McLaren Senna, The $1 Million Hypercar Of Our Dreams

Named after legendary racer, Ayrton Senna, the McLaren Senna is the latest and greatest in McLaren hypercars and guys, we're not going to lie to you, this thing is a true work of art. If it weren't for the steep price tag of one-million-freakin'-dollars, we'd be scooping up one of these bad boys — stat! According to Autoweek McLaren plans to officially debut the Senna at the Geneva motor show on March 18, 2018. Unfortunately, even if you happen to have that much expendable cash in your bank account, McLaren is only producing 500 Sennas. This ride is strictly for the crème de la crème, but that doesn't mean we can't day dream for a little bit, right?

The Senna is a street-legal race car and McLaren built it with that very concept in mind — if you're looking for windows that roll down, this isn't the car for you. Keeping aerodynamics in mind, McLaren wanted to execute the right size, shape, and weight for the Senna. Some of the more technical features include:

While McLaren hasn't provided any performance statistics just yet, it's safe to say that given the aesthetics of this car and McLaren's impeccable reputation of producing state of the art, top of the line luxury vehicles that they'll hardly disappoint. Sigh, even a test drive of the Senna would be a dream come true. Imagine rolling up to pick your kid up to school in this thing? You'd surely be the envy of every dad on the block — luxury #Adulting at its finest.

All Images via McLaren


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