Meet Alena Politukha, The Woman So Hot She Got Chucked Out Of Ukrainian Politics

The woman behind these sexy selfies is Alena Politukha, the 32-year-old soon-to-be ex-wife of Ukrainian politician Aleksandr Politukha.

Reports say that Alena's selfie habit is so out of control, that Aleksandr just couldn't take it anymore, and asked for a divorce.

We're pretty sure there would be other reasons why one would choose to end a long term relationship. But still, the reports may not be wrong. Alena has got a lot of selfies (and photos that aren't selfies) under her belt...

Alena isn't the only politician's wife to make headlines for sharing NSFW selfies (we're looking at you, Karen Danzcuk), but is one of these selfie-lovers the sexiest on the whole planet?


All images: Twitter / Alena Politukha