Meet Gabriella, The Geek-Loving Brazilian Model Who'll Make Your Bank Holiday Monday

In case you missed it, meet 32-year-old model Gabriella. She's from Brazil by way of Hong Kong (with a little Italian and Polish thrown in for good measure). She's a nerd-loving traveller-type who reckons the way to a girl's heart is a decent sense of humour and ice cream.

She graced the pages of our May issue, but we thought we'd give you a sneaky look at her sensational shoot.

Because we're nice like that...

Gabriella takes on the quick-fire question round

Pint or prosecco?

Prosecco, definitely

Sofa or gym?

Gym! If I had more time I’d be there every day. I do boot camp and body pump

Beanie or bikini?


Twitter or Instagram?

Instagram. I use that quite a lot

Bum or boobs?

Ha, I’d say bum.

Dogs or cats?


McDonald’s or Burger King?

Burger King, it’s much better than McDonald’s.

Boat ride or limo ride?

Boat ride. Those parties are crazy

Bedroom or living room?

Living room, lazing about in front of the TV

Heels or trainers?


Breakfast or dinner?

Oh, I like both!


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