Laci Kay Somers Is A Hot Golden State Warriors Fan Who's Prettier Than Steph Curry's Shooting Stroke

Having a difficult time trying to figure out who to root for in the NBA Finals between the Cleveland Cavs and Golden State Warriors? If so, maybe model Laci Kay Somers can help—because she's a diehard Dubs fan who could singlehandedly make you cheer for them.

Lucky for us, we actually got a chance to sit and talk with Laci, who spilled all of her hoops knowledge on us—which was quite impressive—proving that she's more than just a pretty face or a diehard fan.

And, of course, we had to ask Laci Kay Somers her thoughts on sports and dates—after all, who better than her to answer that!?!

FHM: OK, So Have You ALWAYS Been A Warriors Fan, Or Did You Just Jump On The Bandwagon A Few Years Ago?

Laci Kay Somers: "I actually grew up in the Bay Area and my dad is a huge sports fan! He took me to Giants baseball games with my sister when we were little and I just enjoyed being in the city. I really started paying attention to the Warriors in 2007 when they had that crazy first round win against the Mavericks. I loved watching Baron Davis, Monta Ellis, Stephen Jackson and Matt Barnes. That was such a fun team to watch when I was in high school. I remember asking my dad a lot of questions about the game around that time and I was glued to the tv during that playoff run."

Who's Your Favorite Player On The Dubs?

"I'd have to say Klay Thompson, he's actually a good friend of mine. I don't think he gets enough credit for what he's done on the team, at any moment he can torch you for 30 points in a quarter when he starts feeling it. My favorite stat was when he scored 60 points in 29 minutes, and he only took 11 dribbles, that's insane, and you'll never see that again unless he does it. It's so fun watching him when he gets in a rhythm and just starts raining three's on everyone, plus he's the best on ball defender in my opinion. If you watch the games closely, he's always guarding the best player on the other squad."

On Paper, Better Team: Last Year's 73-Win One Or This One With Kevin Durant?

"Anytime you add Kevin Durant to your squad, you're a better team. KD is a once-in-a-generation player, he's able to score from anywhere on the court. I was shocked when he switched teams, and when we signed him I was like "oh my God we are going to outscore everyone even more than we already do." The best part about his signing too is that we got better defensively I think, he and Draymond down low with McGee is scary."

Any Nerves About Going Up Against The Cavs Again In The NBA Finals, Or Confident The Dubs Have It?

"In all honesty I'm nervous, because I watch LeBron play and you can tell he is on a mission. You can see it in his eyes how bad he wants to beat us again. When he plays he is just so dominant on both ends of the court, plus now he has a legit jump shot so how do you guard him? I know it's crazy, but he's the best player in the world and anything is possible. Plus the Cavs are completely healthy, this is gonna be one hell of a series, don't sleep on Kyrie either, that guy can take over a game at any moment."

If A Normal Guy (Say, Like Us) Were To Impress You With B-Ball Knowledge, What's ONE Thing He'd Needs To Know?

"If you know your basketball history, and can have a conversation with me about who the greats are and why, I'm impressed. I also like a guy who can teach me things about the game I didn't know, like X's and O's and coaching strategies etc. it's such a great game, and there's so much to know about it."

Is Going To A Basketball Game A Good First Date, Or Nah?

"Of course! I love going to games, the food is great, the atmosphere, it's entertainment. I'd rather go to a game then stay in and watch it. I like throwing on my Warriors Jersey and high tops and seeing them live. The Warriors are so fun to watch live, especially when they get hot and start draining threes, they have a great crowd. Plus it's cool to chat during game breaks and talk about the game etc"

Have You Ever Thought About Distracting An Opposing Free-Throw Shooter In, Ahem, Alternative Ways?

(laughs) "I've thought about it for sure, I'm all about helping my team win anyway I can! I've actually tried to wear a Warriors bikini top to a game, but security made me cover up because they thought people would get offended by my attire. I wanted to get a dope picture for my Instagram, but I didn't wanna get kicked out."

Of Course, We've Got To Ask: What's Your Finals Prediction?

"This is a tough question, I honestly think the Warriors win this series in 7 games. I would not be shocked though if the Cavs won, if you watch LeBron you can just tell he's on a mission to beat us again. We may have 4 all stars, but in my opinion LeBron is the best player on the planet all around. Im so excited for this finals, it's what everyone wanted to see anyway, I can't wait to see my Dubs win another Ring though, I'll get tickets to a finals game for sure and be there cheer them on, GO WARRIORS!"

"To be clear, LeBron is currently the best in the world. NOT ever.*

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