Meet Paige Spiranac, The Insanely Sexy Golfing Star Who's Officially Breaking The Internet

Fancy a long overdue game of golf?

Of course you do! Especially now that the world has discovered the woman being called 'the hottest female athlete on earth' is a golfing-obsessed Instagram sensation.

With 90k followers, incredibly sexy sportswoman Paige Spiranac is blowing up in various corners of the internet. Every video of her swinging the club, every selfie in which she dons a golfing vest is gaining thousands of likes.

And, in defence of those various corners of the internet, it's not really hard to see why...

She's a champion

She's got a mean swing

Paige is the only person alive who can pull off a visor


There's also this cleavage selfie, which is no bad thing...

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She's not afraid to play on more, er, difficult terrains


Of course, it's not just golf she's good at. She's also a general fitness fanatic. Obviously

Another cheeky selfie



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And finally, here she is doing a few near-impossible tricks. Just because she can