This Nurse Is Being Dubbed As 'The World's Sexiest' And We Totally See Why

Not long ago, we told you about the sexy doctors and nurses of Instagram, but, somehow, the woman being dubbed as the world's sexiest nurse didn't seem to find the list.

That might have been a shame, but, alas, we've found the lady many believe deserves that title—and we've got a bunch of pics of her to drool over.

Guys, introduce yourself to Carina Linn, a 23-year-old from Taiwan who has been burning up Instagram thanks to her incredibly sexy photos, where she's not shy in showing off all of her sensational angles.

Carina, who has nearly 200,000 followers to date, doesn't seem to understand all the attention she's getting, telling Stomp this:

"My profession is still a full-time nurse as before. I am a nurse, a nurse who does shifts at a hospital. I am not a model or a photographer. Even more so, I'm not taking pictures because I'm trying to be famous."

"I am me, I do things that make me feel happy, I don't think that I am anything special or extraordinary, I am just someone leading an ordinary life."

While Carina Linn said that she left her former hospital for a new role elsewhere, also confirming that she's still a registered nurse, meaning some lucky patients will have the surprise of a lifetime when this bombshell walks in.

Smart and extremely sexy, it's easy to see why she's earned such a high distinction for her good looks online.

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