Megan Fox Teases Lingerie From Her Bathroom Because, Well, Do You Really Need Reasons?

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Ever since we laid eyes on actress/model Megan Fox, we knew there was more than just a crush on the brunette babe, as her tattoos and "bad girl" image seemed to strike us harder than a swift kick to the head.

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Well, even though that may have been nearly a decade ago, Megan's still looking as sexy as ever, with her being tapped by iconic lingerie brand Frederick's of Hollywood to be its next model—and we're a big fan of the choice.


According to its website, Frederick's had this to say about the decision to hire Fox as their go-to woman.

> Actress, model, and mother, Megan Fox is a prominent figure in Hollywood and a globally recognized household name. As if raising three kids wasn't already a full time job, she's had her fair share of blockbuster and television hits, starring in Transformers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and New Girl, to name a few. Now the actress takes on a new venture with Frederick's of Hollywood as brand ambassador, stakeholder, and creative partner.

And, in addition to a bunch of sexy pics, here's the video of the first ad featuring Megan Fox in nothing but tantalizing lingerie.

EVU MF FOH 30SEC 0313 from Authentic Brands Group on Vimeo.


Since we know you have all those funny feelings that we get when looking at Megan, take a peek at some of the behind-the-scenes shots, and go ahead and be much happier in your day because of them.

What's even better is the fact that Megan decided to grace us with even more lingerie pics, posting one of herself standing in her bathroom onto Instagram for no good reason at all — but, hey, we're not going to hate on that, because, well, just look at these and you'll understand.

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