Megan Fox, Jessica Alba And Other Celebs Reveal How They Lost Their Virginities

Losing your virginity is something sacred that none of us have probably forgotten—nor will we. It's the moment where we tear down the walls to our horny little selves and can finally proclaim that, yes, we have had sex!

Of course, that doesn't mean any of us were about to become the next great adult film star immediately afterwards, as the first time last about, oh, 120 seconds at best, with neither you or your partner knowing what in the hell you both were supposed to do.

And just because your first encounter between the sheets didn't go as planned, doesn't mean that you were the only one. In fact, if ever you had anything in common with some of our favorite and sexiest celebrities, it's during your first romp session.

That's why we found some stories from people like Megan Fox and Jessica Alba, among others, to see just how they fared during the first time they had sex—and, yes, they include awkwardness.

Lead Image via Instagram/thenativetiger