Megan Fox Continues To Share Steamy Lingerie Snaps And It's The Perfect Way To End The Year

Man, it seems as if it's been forever since we mentioned actress Megan Fox, who, generally speaking, has been one of our go-to crushes ever since we saw her about 10 years ago on some run-of-the-mill TV show. These days? Well, she's done nothing to make us lose interest in what she's got going on.

Although Megan's married and is a mom now, she's still looking as hot as ever, even being named the spokesperson for Frederick's of Hollywood earlier this year — one of the world's most recognized retailer of women's lingerie. And, as you might expect after such an honor, the pictures of Megan Fox in lingerie ran rampant, with both her Instagram account and Frederick's showing off the good work they did together.

Here's a quick sneak peak at her latest post — which we know you'll enjoying looking at.

It's hard not getting excited about things like this, guys. After all, when will any of us get the very fortunate opportunity of seeing Megan Fox in lingerie? Uh, we'll just go ahead and answer that for you: outside of pics or videos, never!

Fox, who had her baby just five months prior to shooting with Frederick's, talked to People mag about the challenge of modeling so quickly after being pregnant.

“At a certain point I didn’t have a choice,” she said. “The time was ticking down. I was like, ‘All right, we’re gonna do this.’ It forces you to love your body as it is, which is a beautiful thing. I didn’t think I was ready but then I was in the pieces and it forced me to go, ‘A woman’s body is miraculous. The fact that I am in lingerie right now and I just had my third human being come out of my body five months ago is incredible.’ I mean, it’s crazy what we’re able to do as women! So that was empowering and unanticipated.”

Knowing she had to put in the extra effort to meet her own and the brand's expectations, Fox made sure she put in lots of extra gym time, via People:

“I do generally bounce back pretty quick, but it does take a lot of work – I had to work out harder this time than I had to ever work out in my life!” – but she also gave herself some grace considering what she’d been through mere months earlier. “It was difficult but I will say, the appreciation I have for what my body is capable of and how motivated I can be in my ability to achieve a goal is greatly enhanced from going through that experience.”

Megan Fox is one of the sexiest women on the planet, so none of us should be too surprised with how good she looks while wearing some lingerie — we're just really happy she decided to share the experience with all of us.

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