Welp, Meghan Markle's Officially Engaged, So Let's Just Admire Some Of Her Pics And Wonder 'What If'?

For those of you wondering, "Who is Meghan Markle?" shame on you! We know dudes aren't exactly up and up on The Royal Family buzz, but c'mon! A stunner like that? Everyone should know who she is. Fortunately for you, after perusing Meghan Markle's Instagram for the millionth time, we decided it was time to formerly introduce her to our readers. Markle is an actress, model, humanitarian, and after the recent announcement of her engagement, a monarch — well, not in the whole "ruling over a country" sense, but at the very least, she'll be a princess in title. Yep, that's right! She's now the fiancé of Prince Harry (the red-headed one). She's officially off the market and none of us stood a chance, sigh.

If you're a fan of the legal drama Suits on the USA network, then you most definitely recognize Meghan as Rachel Zane (a role she's been playing since 2011). Question is, how did an actress link up with a prince? No judgement, Meghan is way out Harry's league, we're just trying to figure out how those two worlds collided. Call us old school, but we didn't think there was a huge Parliament/Hollywood crossover. According to Closer Weekly, per The Daily Mail:

"According to the Daily Mail, the Suits actress, 35, was introduced to the 32-year-old royal by her "closest friend in the world," Markus Anderson, back in May 2016. Markus — who works as a consultant for the Soho House Group — and Meghan have reportedly been in the same social circle for years. After their first meeting, Harry allegedly "starting texting [Meghan] regularly" and the two hung out again at the Soho House in London with a group of mutual friends in July."

See that, guys? Sometimes it's nice to be a girl without having to slide into her DMs first. A novel concept in 2017, we know. Anyway, now that you've gathered a little background on their love story (and you're sufficiently bummed that you weren't born a prince) go ahead and cheer yourself with Meghan's hottest moments.