Former Spice Girl 'Mel B' Stuns In Pink Bikini Selfie (Proving She's Not So Scary After All)

If we were so inclined, we could very well spend the duration of this article throwing our favorite Spice Girl lyrics y'alls way. Instead, we'll save you the agony and focus on Mel B's Instagram. Why? Because it's hot, hot, hot! Boasting 1 million followers, it's not difficult to see why the 42-year-old former pop sensation and girl power enthusiast has remained in the spotlight.

After you guys catch a glimpse of her latest pics, you'll see just how ironic her title as "Scary Spice" really was. If we were to rewrite that history, we'd definitely go with Bikini Spice — because she looks damn good in one.


So, what exactly was Mel B doing lounging around in a bikini? Shouldn't she be plotting the next Spice Girls reunion? We'd really, really, really love to see that. Er well, we mean, our girlfriends would really like that.

Turns out, Mel is still a huge advocate for girl power and her post was a sage reminder to her countless fans just how important it is to never take anyone's crap:

"Don't let anyone ever break your soul down disrespect you and laugh behind your back, stand strong on your own two feet like the goddess you are. There are people out there unfortunately that lie and would love to see you fail and will do anything in there power to make sure it happens."

Wow, with powerful captions like that you'd think she want to turn it into a song or something. OK, OK, we'll stop with the subliminal "get the band back together, please" messages. We've taken up enough of your time with our "fan girl" banter. Go ahead and check out Mel B looking anything but scary.

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