'Supergirl' Actress, Melissa Benoist, Is Our Latest Hollywood Crush And It's Not Hard To See Why

If you aren't a big fan of superhero-centric television, then perhaps these Melissa Benoist hot moments will be the nudge you need. She is, after all, one the sexiest action ladies in Hollywood right now. Having graced small screens as Kara Danvers for the past three years, Benoist embodies everything a 21st Century woman prides herself on — strength, bravery, and above all else, being a total freakin' badass. After we caught a glimpse of Melissa on Jimmy Kimmel Live earlier this week, we knew it was time to share our major girl crush with you guys. We suspect after you get a glimpse of the video and gallery below, you'll be feeling the very same way. Sigh, it's a tough job introducing y'all to these dynamic women, but somebody's got to do it, right?

OK, so, two things — we'd like to petition that Melissa Benoist and Gal Gadot become best friends. We'd also like to petition that they appear in a movie together some time before the end of the year because it would be F'in awesome. We realize that Wonder Woman and Supergirl are both perfectly capable of saving the universe on their own, but, come on, if Batman and Superman can get a thousand different spinoffs, why can't these ladies?

Of course, as promised, on top of showcasing Melissa's versatility as an actress and role model to women everywhere, we're also going to showcase her killer beauty! Seriously, any gal who can kick ass looking that good has a special place in our heart. Go ahead and have a look, guys! No worries, you can thank us later! Oh, and if you want to catch up on all the episode of Supergirl, they're on Netflix.

Lead Image Via Getty

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