Men And Women Have Different Reasons For Cheating, So Experts Explain Why

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Like death and taxes, the one thing that I often preach is how cheating on a partner is the most selfish thing on the planet. And while I'm not here to judge anyone's decisions, it's important to understand why people might find themselves tempted to cheat—because, according to new research, men and women have different reasons.

While unhappiness might be the most popular of these reasons, a study conducted by the law firm Slater and Gordon tell a deeper story, as the findings showed that 34 percent of British men considered sexting to be cheating, compared to 49 percent of women, meaning a third of Brits don't believe that sexting constitutes cheating.

Per DailyMail, here's what one of the experts from the study, Dr. David Buss from the University of Texas, told MailOnline.

"People cheat for many reasons—because they are bored, for sexual variety, for revenge, because they are emotionally or sexually dissatisfied, for adventure, for resource, or as a mate switching tactics."

"The reasons are almost as varied as the reasons that people have sex in general," adds Dr Buss, who is the author of the book The Evolution of Desire: Strategies of Human Mating.

Of course, being bored in a relationship or looking for revenge against a partner is a good enough reason to split in the first place, most people are too heavily invested. However, the video from "The School of Life" better explains Dr. Buss' theory.


Buss continues to explain the various reasons why a man and woman might cheat, via DailyMail.

"There is considerable overlap in the reasons, but men are more likely than women to cheat for pure sexual variety and sexual motivations."

"Women are more likely to cheat because they are seriously unhappy with their primary relationship and use infidelity to get out of a bad relationship, to test the waters to see if someone better might be out there for them, or to ‘trade up’ to a better partner."

The study concludes by discussing the difference in motives for a man and woman to cheat, with one expert—Dr. Duana Welch, the author of Love Factually—saying that women are more upset by the emotional aspect of cheating, while men tend to be more affected by the thought of their partner being with another person.

With such an interesting topic, you can read more about the study over at DailyMail.

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