Men Are Taking Photos Of Their Balls In Front Of Stunning Landscapes, And Calling It 'Nutscaping'

For reasons we're not quite sure of and will never, ever truly understand, blokes across the internet are dangling their balls in front of glorious landscapes. And taking pictures of it.

We hoped it was just one guy, with a bottomless bank account, but it's not. It's actually a web-based photography project, which originated in New Zealand, and calls itself 'selfies for real men'.

Now, for a moment, sit and wonder what was going through the cow's head here. Because the only way to successfully nutscape - as Metro points out - is to contort your body (most likely your quite naked body) by bending over backwards and trying to capture the magic through a small screen.

Reportedly, the trend picked up some steam back in 2007, and now it seems to be back. A re-nut-ssance, if you will.

Why the trend came back, nobody is quite sure. But it doesn't seem to be going away. Soon, everyone on your Facebook will just have to accept the fact that they've seen the bottom third of your balls. Apple might even add an easier way for people to nutscape in the new iPhone 7 design.

Er... to each his own?

Images: nutscapes.com