Pop Culture Halloween Costume Ideas For Guys Who Are Lazy AF

Now that Halloween is just mere months away, you'll probably find yourself stumbling across many large features (much like ours) about the clever and trendy costumes you should be wearing this year. But honestly, who's really going to dress up like "the eclipse," you know? People forget that, when you're an adult, the goal of the holiday is to wear the funniest thing that takes the least amount of effort. If you're busting out the sewing machine, then you lost the battle, my friend. In other words, it ain't that serious.

So, how are guys supposed to dress up for Halloween, wear something really cool, and look like you didn't try? It's actually easier than you think. We created an easy costume guide perfectly tailored for dudes like you, who we're imagining are lovers of pop culture, memes, and superheroes. Each ensemble can easily be created with only two or three items of clothing, making them stupidly simple to pull off — so easy that, yes, even you can D.I.Y. just like your Pinterest-obsessed girlfriend. No sewing, gluing, or effort of any kind required.

Want to dress up as Game of Thrones' Jon Snow? Just raid your girlfriend's closet for her faux fur jacket and you're good to go. Want to flex your inner Wolverine from Logan? Literally just dress up like your dad, grow a beard, and purchase some badass claws from Amazon for cheap. See? It's easy. So later when your friends are complimenting your sick Jimmy McGill costume, you can thank us for that.

Check out the gallery below to see pop culture Halloween ideas you should totally try out in 2017.