Men In Suits And Foreign Accents Among The Top-Rated Nonsexual Turn-Ons

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We all may think that the only way to turn-on the opposite sex is by slyly talking them up to show our witty side or, if given the opportunity, kissing and touching them in the right spots. But, there's actually more that men can do to get a lady feeling a little frisky—and it has to do with nonsexual turn-ons.

A survey from Women's Health revealed a few strange things that actually turn women on the most, so the people over at Superdrug Online Doctor took things to another level, actually combining a few nonsexual things that get both men and women's heart pumping a little bit faster. Here are the results.

And here's the breakdown based off of gender.

Since you're wondering where these types of things are most prominent, Superdrug Online Doctor figured that out, too, showing that, yep, work seems to be the spot where random turn-ons occur the most.

Finally, it wasn't just some strange things that Superdrug Online Doctor found turned on people the most. In fact, some people just got excited by the thought of a stranger giving them some attention.

The results came from over a combined 2,000 American and European men and women, who disclosed the unusual triggers that leave them feeling a little friskier than normal. So, if you're a man who enjoys wearing suits, rubbing cologne on yourself and have a beard, chances are high that you're turning on that woman standing behind you in the train line.

To see the full results—which includes the difference turn-ons between American and European men and women—head on over to Superdrug Online Doctor.

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