Men Are Calmer Under Pressure Than Women, Study Says

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Most people operate under the assumption that women, by nature, are more emotional than men. This is a fairly accurate assumption. Does this mean however that women are capable of handling all aspects of emotion and critical thinking better than men? It appears not, unfortunately. Well, unfortunately for women. Mostly fortunately for us!

It seems women have one weakness, and that weakness is stress. The Physiology Society spoke to a whopping 2,000 men and women in The UK to discuss how they are affected by the stressors of modern day and how it makes them feel physically.

Dr. Lucy Donaldson, a core leader of the study made a few impactful points on the results and while they don't paint a pretty picture for the future of women's health, be mindful of the fact this could directly men too (think of your wives, mothers, female children, sisters, girlfriends, etc.)

“It was striking that for every single event in this study, from money problems to Brexit, women reported greater stress levels than men. This could have a real impact on women’s health. While many people are aware of the effect of stress on mental well-being, it is also important to consider the impact on the body’s systems. Your brain, nervous and hormonal systems react to stress and it affects your heart, immune system, and gastrointestinal system. When stress is prolonged, these effects on the whole body can result in illnesses such as ulcers or increased risk of heart attack.”

This isn't the suggestion that men don't stress, it's just differently and at lower levels than women over different things, although some similarities remain:

"The greatest difference in fear levels between men and women was over terrorism, followed by serious illness, moving and money problems. The narrowest gap was on the birth of a first child. The most stressful event for both genders was the death of a spouse or relative, and the idea of imprisonment or flooding."

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