Men Reveal How Far They'd Travel For Sex And, Wow, Really?

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There's no question that we all enjoy sex. Hell, why do you think men have it run through their minds a pretty astonishing 34 times per day? Uh, clearly, because, if given the opportunity to have it more frequently, we would happily do it.

Well, a new study from SaucyDates.com has revealed just how much men would travel for a good lay, asking 544 males from the online dating/sex website how far they would go in order to get down and dirty.

Infographic courtesy of Saucydates.com

If that's a little confusing, this simple chart might be more effective to glance at.

As both infographics point out, every single man surveyed admitted that they'd travel at least 10 miles for guaranteed sex—not just a date with a hopeful, happy ending. What's more surprising, though, is that nearly one-third of both U.S. and UK men would go 75 miles for it, which could be about an hour in the car for, presumably, about 15 minutes of raunchy fun.

And, while the percentages were low, it's pretty interesting to see that 4.2 percent of U.S. men and 5.1 percent of UK men would travel 1,000 miles for sex. Here's a bit of advice for those guys—Craigslist.

We kid, we kid.

Still, considering there are numerous online dating apps and sex available at nearly every turn, it's wild to see the great lengths some men will go—and travel—to get their rocks off.

For the full survey, head on over to SaucyDates.com.

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