45 Men's Essentials That Will Make Every Guy's Life Better

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Being a guy is one of the best damn things in the history of mankind. Yep, I just declared that — in case you didn't already know. But it's uber important to have all the men's essentials in order to get the most out of life.

Since being a man is incredible, every single one of us should always be looking to get the most out of our lives as best we can, taking in experiences, people and other things to reach our full potential and wake up every morning with a big ol' smile on our faces.


Here at FHM, we're here to help you do that, which is why I'm listing 45 men's essentials that will make every man's life a little bit better... or, hell, a lot of bit!

45. Nintendo Game Boy

It might be hard to find these days, but getting yourself a Nintendo Game Boy to use in the bathroom while owning your throne will be the best decision you've ever made — even if it will lead you to sit around until your feet fall asleep... you've been warned.

44. A Good Pair Of Jeans

I know, jean shopping's one of the worst experiences ever, but, fear not, because once you get through the torture and find a good pair, you'll be forever grateful — and will probably wear them every single day without ever washing them.

43. Headphones

Music really is the ultimate savior, isn't it? Whether you're in a good mood, bad mood, or just need a little pick-me-up to help get through your afternoon, having some kick-ass headphones that can pump out the tunes you love will go a long way in leaving your happy.

42. A Friend Group

Sure, we all love our private time, but isn't life always better when you can get into trouble and share stories with like-minded people you love and trust? Of course it is, so stop being so bitter or isolated and get yourself some buddies to run a much with.

41. Tailored Sport Coat

Not too many people wear suits these days, so no need to go out and drop a bunch of cash on one just to have it gather dust in the closet. For that reason, do yourself a favor and just get a tailored sport coat, which will show-off your style when on a first date or asking your boss for the raise you really want.

40. Kegerator

I'm 33 years old and just bought myself a kegerator for my new apartment because, to be frank, it was absolutely necessary. If you think hosting people is great, but cleaning up half-drunk beer bottles and cans the next day sucks, a kegerator's the way to go. Trust me.

39. A Woman

Hey, I'm just going to be honest here: having a woman who's there to talk with through good and bad times, share hilarious and dumb moments with and, yeah, show you a few things about being sensitive is a good feeling. Plus, come on, who doesn't want a good lady to cozy up with every single night?

38. A Good Book

I'm not the same person I was five years ago as I am today, and, while most of that's because of life experiences, some of it can be attributed to reading a few books that helped me evolve as a man. Reading is like listening without the verbal communication, do it often.

37. Cast Iron Skillet

I don't give a damn if you don't know how to cook anything more than frozen pizza or struggle making an omelette, having a cast iron skillet in your household is essential, as it's one of the most versatile kitchen accessories out there. Literally, you can cook pretty much everything in one.

36. A Distinguished Scent

Sorry, fellas, it's time to ditch that cologne you've been wearing now since high school and/or college and step up your game with something a little bit more... you! No one wants to be just like everyone else, so go a little deeper in your fragrance research and find something unique to you.

35. A Good Chair

Go ahead and argue that a sofa is the key ingredient to a living room, I'm not buying it. A sofa is great for a bunch of people to sit on and share while hanging out, but a good leather chair that has the imprint of your butt and back in it means it's yours, so step back, people.

34. Sex Toys

We wrote an article not long ago about the essentials to male sex toys, so go ahead and read through that and see why adding a few to your bedroom experiences will make your life (and sex) so much better.

33. Winter Vest

The summer might just be wrapping up now, but, brace yourselves, because fall and winter are just around the corner. Rather than always wear some bulky jacket every time you step outside, go with a vest that's casual, comfortable and functional.

32. Sunglasses

We're not talking about those cheap-ass ones you got on the street from some Intern handing them out at a concert, man, but some solid options to help hide a hangover and some of the best wooden sunglasses to try out.

31. Gym Membership

I'm not saying you have to be a beast while pumping iron like Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison is, but dropping cash on a gym membership's a good way to keep your ass in shape, while helping with your physical and mental health.

30. A Phone Case

There's no need to bedazzle this thing up or get one that's overly expensive, guys. A phone case is there to act as a precaution for those drunken nights out when you might possibly drop your phone. Anything more than having one for that reason is dumb.

29. A Heavy Flannel Shirt

Jackets are cool and all, but a heavy flannel that can be used as an alternative is even better. Think of it as a throw shirt, so to speak, used to go over a t-shirt during a sunny fall day or by wearing it solo and beneath a vest during winter months.

28. Condoms

We all love sex, as it's one of those men's essentials that helps us relieve stress and stay happy, but make sure you're being smart about it. Whether you're in a committed relationship and your partner doesn't pop a pill or you're single and sleeping around, condoms are important to stay healthy while getting down and dirty.

27. Lube

As we mentioned above, sex is great, but sex with lube is even greater. There are so many options out there that provide different things like warmth, scent, etc. Hell, they even make edible lubes for when you want to, you know...


26. A Go-To Cocktail

When sitting at a bar top, you should always have one signature cocktail that you can always fall back in when you don't like the menu options. Who needs some boujis drink with a name that no one can pronounce when a cold beer or Old Fashioned easily does the trick.

25. A Way Of Transportation

You don't need a car, per se, but, hell, you can't just rely on your feet to take you from place to place. Whether it be a bike, bus, train or regularly using a cab service, every guy should have a way of transportation.

24. Grooming Kit

Women everywhere have talked about how grooming is one of those men's essentials we often forget about. Don't be that guy who doesn't do it, though. Maintain your handsome self as best you can by cleaning up each and every day.

23. Confidence

Look, we all have good and bad days, where our hair looks bad, we feel a bit sluggish and we're a little down on ourselves. But want to know what women love more than a man who looks like Ryan Reynolds? A man who's confident — which we're happy to lend some advice on.

22. Ironing Board

You're not in college anymore, pal, so it's time to ditch the whole wrinkled look and start ironing your collared shirts. This literally takes about as much time as it does to drop a deuce, so get yourself an ironing board and actually use it!

21. Chinos

Even if you're more of a denim guy, you should still have at least two pairs of chinos in your dresser. Our suggestion would be a cream and then either a navy blue or forest green. They'll add a little versatility to your wardrobe outside of jeans.


20. Passion

You deserve to be happy, and part of being happy is caring enough about something or someone that you can't help but be passionate about it. Pouring your heart and soul into something like work or a relationship can be tough at times, but that passion is something that women love in a guy — and you should love within yourself.

19. Chap Stick

Want to know an instant turn-off? Dry, chapped, cracking lips. Guys, you should have chap stick in your pocket at all times, even during the winter months. Apply about five times throughout the day and keep those lips of yours moisturized. Trust us, women will appreciate it.

18. Pictures And Frames

We're not talking about some Michael Jordan-like poster that you got at the book fair, guys. Instead, we're referring to pictures in frames that either you bought or snapped yourself. Like, you know, actual art. It'll make your apartment much more mature and it allows you to put your individual touch on your domain.

17. Golf Clubs

Even if you play just once per year, you need to get some clubs. Look, between work outings, friends who want to play a quick nine after work or something else, golf is one of those sports that every guy needs to be able to do.

16. A Tool Kit

After moving into my new place not too long ago, I can't tell you how much of a men's essential a good tool kit is. Actually, I can: it's super important, so make sure you've got some trusty tools in order to either make or fix stuff on your own.

15. Face Moisturizer

You're probably like, "Dude, a face moisturizer? What the hell is that, I don't need one!" Trust me, you do. Get one with some SPF 20 or so in it to help protect that handsome face of yours from UV rays while also giving your face some much needed smoothness.

14. A Wine Opener

At some point in every man's life, he becomes more of a "wine guy" than a beer fella. For those moments when you're really just looking to unwind after a hard day of work and a tasty seasonal beer just won't do, it's kind of important to have a wine opener handy to sip a glass or two of vino.

13. Knowing How To Grille

It's not easy being a man on the grille, but, like everything, practice makes perfect. No matter what season it is, taking the tongs and cooking some chicken, burgers, pork or veggies, among other things, is a skill that every man should at least know how to do.

12. A Hobby

Don't be the boring guy on a first date who doesn't know how to answer one of the simplest questions out there, "What're your hobbies?" You don't need to be into building baby birdhouses or anything, but you do need a handful of things outside of work and watching Netflix that helps you interact with people and learning more about yourself.

11. Electric Razor

I mentioned the grooming kit earlier, but that's to be used on things like unwanted hairs or upkeep on facial hair. An electric razor should be used to touch up that gritty beard when you don't have time to shave it, or when you need to clean up the back of your neck in-between haircuts.

10. A Big Screen TV

Even if you don't watch much TV, it's important to have one that at least makes you look like a normal human being. Sure, we can stream things on our computer, tablets, phones and other places, but that's not really a great look when you're hosting people for the Super Bowl, is it?

9. A Go-To Bar Or Restaurant

I'm not saying that you've got to go all Cheers about it, but having a place where you know the bartender's name and vice versa is important. Not a big drinker? Choose a restaurant that you really enjoy going to and get to know the staff. Whether going there solo, with some friends/family or taking a first date there, it's a good back-up to have when all other options fail.


8. A Favorite Movie

Personally speaking, Good Will Hunting is one of those movies that I can watch pretty much every single day. Same goes for Rudy and any of the Ocean's 11 flicks. Having a favorite movie is just one of those men's essentials that we all need, but we don't really know why?

7. Candles

Believe it or not, but a good scented candle can make the difference in your apartment like you couldn't imagine. It doesn't need to be one of those lavender-like ones that your girlfriend keeps my her bedside, but it does need to have a masculine scent that people identify with you upon walking into your place.

6. A Football

Much like the aforementioned golf clubs, having a football live in the trunk of your car (or in the garage or closet) is an important asset. Your backyard football days are probably over, but tossing around the pigskin with some buddies is a good way to just hangout without being a complete degenerate.

5. A Camera (No, Not The One On Your Phone)

Everyone loves being an Insta-photographer, snapping something and then filtering the f-ck out of it before posting to social media. Sadly, the lost art of actual photography might be gone and left to professionals, but it doesn't have to be! Scoop yourself an SLR camera and take better pics that you can actually be proud of.

4. House Slippers Or Socks

I'm more of a house socks kind of guy, but, hey, slippers work just as well. This is one of those men's essentials you probably don't often think about, but are so clutch once you have them. Whether sitting around and keeping your feet warm or used to slip on while walking down to let someone into your building, these are important things to have.

3. A Favorite Pair Of Sneakers

It's OK to have a couple different pairs for different occasions, of course, but there should be one that stands head and shoulders above the rest. The ones that are reliable for mostly any occasion, and that have a little character to them.

2. A Change Jar

Most people only use debit or credit cards these days, but, when you do decide to use cold hard cash, it's important to have somewhere accessible to toss the change into. Here's a pro tip: Get one that sits right next to the place you throw your keys and wallet into once you get home, that way it's all right there for you.

1. Proper Glasses

No one wants to drink wine from a coffee cup because you forgot to run the dishwasher last night. Likewise, no one should ever be handed a solo cup to pour their beer into — outside of a tailgate or frat party, obviously. There have been loads of awesome beer inventions over the years, but one of the simplest is a proper glass to drink said brew from.

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