Too Quick To 'Pull The Trigger' In Bed? Video Games Are Your Solution (Per This Study)

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Turns out, all that time your girlfriend spends screaming at you for playing video games would be FAR better spent encouraging you!

According to a new study, dudes who play video games last longer in bed. Yes, it sounds insane. Fortunately, studies are often supported with research, and this one is no exception—"The research published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine asked 600 men between 18 and 50-years-old about their erection, ejaculation, lifestyle and gaming habits. The study found those who played video games for at least an hour per day were less likely to have premature ejaculation than those who didn’t game. However, the gamers were also more likely to report lower sexual desire. This study is the first of it’s kind and concluded that further interventional studies need to be done between gaming and sexual health."

Alright, to be fair, I'm still completely lost on how playing video games correlates to premature ejaculation, or lack thereof, but as the study heads suggested, more research needs to be done. Regardless of the shaky evidence, this seems like a big win for mankind.

If you do happen to be suffering from premature ejaculation, it's nothing to be ashamed of and can most certainly be remedied. There are a plethora of thoroughly researched methods that have proven themselves highly effective. Here are a few, you know, in case your friend happens to bring it up on the next Guy's Night Out. According to Dr. Ed

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