The Best Men’s Shampoo That Darkens Hair And Where To Buy It

If you’ve started to see a little white appear in your short back and sides and don’t agree with popular opinion that this is sexy, it might be time to try to find the best men’s shampoo that darkens hair. Although some women say that they like the salt and pepper look on a man (think: George Clooney), you may not be embracing your newfound grayness as well as, let’s say, Barack Obama.


Don’t worry, you don’t have to run to your nearest salon and ask for an emergency dye job — you can just as effectively get rid of any whites (hairs, that is) with a simple wash-in/wash-out product; a shampoo that makes your hair darker.

Why a Men's Shampoo That Darkens Hair?

Quite simply, the ingredients found in a shampoo that darkens hair are far more natural than those found in a permanent hair dye for men. These dyes can be harsh and potentially harmful to hair, and with overuse (and especially if not done by a professional), can create problems like thinning hair, and, knock on wood, we don't want that. So we’ve found 14 of the best men's hair color products for an easy, yet effective, way to solve your problem quickly and quietly.

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See our picks for the best men’s shampoo that darkens hair below!