Dr. Dennis Gross Schools Us On All Things Men's Skincare (Including How To Combat Winter Dryness)

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Contrary to popular belief, it's just as important for men to have a skincare routine as women. We're not suggesting that you go out and buy 100 different products, but, at the very least, you need to invest your time and attention into learning a thing or two about your skin. What skin type are you? Should you be using different products based on the season? Do men have the same skin struggles as women? Frankly, the list of questions is endless and it's most definitely something you should be concerning yourself with, especially as you age.

Fortunately, we were able to get in contact with Dr. Dennis Gross, a leading board-certified dermatologist and dermatologic surgeon in New York City. Simply put, the man knows his stuff. His experience and credentials speak for themselves and we are so lucky to have spoken with him.

For the first time ever, we can now approach our skincare routine in a knowledgeable way. Below, you will find everything you ever wanted to know about men's skin. Let's get to it!

FHM: So, Dr. Gross, Tell Us A Little Bit About Your Career In Dermatology? What's The Journey Been Like?

Dr. Gross: "I never dreamt when I decided to be a dermatologist that I would love it this much. The biggest surprises have been how nothing is routine or what I expected. I started out as a teenage 'science geek', a biology addict. That led to my early career as a skin cancer researcher. I grew cells in test tubes and learned what made them sick and how to make healthy and vibrant again. Now, I use this scientific knowledge to create skincare products popular around the world. Plus, as a dermatologist, doing cosmetic procedures is very artistic which balances all the science. And, yes, I still operate on skin cancers, catching them early and saving lives. What a dream career! I’m so grateful."

FHM: Do You Find That You Have More Female Patients Than Male Or Is That A Common Misconception — You Know, With Guys "Not Caring As Much About Skincare"?

Dr. Gross: "60% of my New York City clients are women. But men are catching up fast. Guys do care about their skin looking it’s best. Men are less shy about seeking nicer younger looking skin. There are some basic differences between the sexes still. Women seem to ask more questions. They like details especially because they use more products including makeup. How about men? They’re less interested in the details. They just want to know the product is safe, effective and easy to use. Both men and women have one thing in common: they want great looking skin in 10 days or less, which is my specialty."

FHM: What Do You Find Plaguing Men's Skin Most Often?

Dr. Gross: "The problems plaguing men’s skin are more similar than ever to women’s. Men suffer more from razor bumps although woman get it in the bikini area too; in both cases it’s from ingrown hairs and pressing too hard on the razor. More men complain about hair loss although there’s a mini epidemic of women suffering from it too. But, aside from the above, men have the same concerns as women: acne, lines and wrinkles, large pores, unwanted body fat and sunspots. Fortunately, the newest breakthrough treatments work amazingly well for both sexes."

FHM: Are There Any Key Differences That Separate Men's Skincare From Women's?

Dr. Gross: "Men and women’s skin are more similar than different. The range of skin types are the same for both sexes. Anyone, regardless of their sex, can have skin that is sensitive, dry, oily, combination, prone to redness, breakouts or hyper-pigmentation. I formulate each product in my Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare line to work equally well on both men and women. The key is to formulate products suitable for specific skin types and teach the consumer, men and women alike, which product is best for them."

FHM: Let's Talk Products — What Sort Of Face Wash Would You Recommend For Men? Of Course, Everyone's Skin Is Different, So, Let's Go With One Recommendation For Dry Skin, One For Oily, And One For Combination.

Dr. Gross: "Cleansers that are lighter and more creamy work best on dry skin because they do not over strip the skin. If you have oily skin, then look for foaming cleansers that are designed to remove more surface build up. There aren’t any cleansers specifically for combination skin. Instead, I suggest using a gentle cleanser and massaging longer on the oil prone areas for a deeper cleanse in that zone."

FHM: What Skincare Tips/Routines Are Especially Important In The Winter? How About Summer?

Dr. Gross:

Tips for summer:

Tips for winter:

FHM: Lastly, If You Had A Single Piece Of Skincare Advice For Men, What Would It Be And Why?

Dr. Gross: "Act promptly on a skin concern when you first notice it. Don’t second guess whether you’re being overly vain or too embarrassed to seek help. You are not alone. Men are the fastest growing group of skin care customers and dermatology patients. You will get the best results the quicker you address a problem. Go for it!"

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