Become Your Own Super-Suited Hero — Because Men's Suits Are Meant To Be Worn On The Daily


Suit up! If you consider yourself a gentleman and know that a well-dressed man is a respected one, then you should start caring more about your suit look. The suit that you own might only be busted out for a buddy’s wedding or swanky night on the town, but, the suit has become more versatile than you'd think! A man who looks put-together has his shit together, right? Take it from our well-suited heroes: James Bond. Frank Sinatra. Leo DiCaprio in _ The Wolf of Wall Street_ (or in life too because the guy has just as many model girlfriends as suits).

Well, from here on out, know this: the suit is supposed to be integrated into your daily outfit lifecycle. Meaning, you’re supposed to mix it up with what you already got: wear your suit slacks with a sweater and leather sneakers. Or throw on that suit jacket with a more casual pair of jeans to say I’m a classy guy who is about to tear into a bucket of chicken wings (just place that suit jacket behind your chair for safety's sake)

To give our suit sermon any credit, we stopped by the Ryan Seacrest Distinction RSD (exclusively sold at Macy's and Macys.com) Fall/Winter 2017 Collection showroom in NYC to talk with Matteo Gottardi, founder of the WRKshop — the agency responsible for the new creative direction of RSD. And damn, does this guy know his men's fashion!

“The average American guy knows how to dress up for work but doesn’t know how to dress up for life.”

Preach, Matteo.

“They want to be able to, they just don’t know how to put things together and still keep that sophisticated feel. As style is progressing, there really is no separation between work and life."

He makes a point. Nowadays our lives are becoming so integrated with work, a coworker pub crawl could lead to casually going over a work project and being offered a new career-boosting opportunity. With that, you always have to look your best, but it doesn’t have to cost you an arm or a leg or a fancy fashion degree or anything like that to dress for everyday success. And plus, the suit silhouette on any guy instantly turns them into a superhero. Matteo’s words, not ours (but we’re glad he said them):

“We grew up with super heroes, and just think what makes Batman and Superman all look so cool, tough, and masculine? It’s because they have broad shoulders. So the whole idea of a suit is to give you broad shoulders. And you’re not going to get broad shoulders if you don’t bring in the waist. You want to create that V-shape. That’s the reason why the blazer has a structured shoulder, to highlight a man’s superhero looks. We all want to look like superheroes.”

Matteo broke down for us what you need to look for in a suit and how to get the most out of your wardrobe. You know, that pile of clothes quietly planning a revolt to retake your drawers? While we’re on the topic of your clothes, you know that college tee you wear at least three times a week? Well, good news is that you can wear it with a suit jacket. Matteo wants you to still be comfortable in your skin, and we do too.

The Rule Of Three

“First thing you should look for is a black suit, a navy suit, and a grey suit. If you don’t own all three of those, you need to buy one. Don’t buy a baby blue suit first."


Ryan Seacrest Distinction Men’s Wool Notch Lapel Two-Button Blazer — $120.27

Ryan Seacrest Distinction Black Wool Textured New Mens Dress Pants — $49.99


Ryan Seacrest Distinction Mens Textured Double Vent Two-Button Blazer — $79.99

Ryan Seacrest Distinction Mens Wool Sharkskin Dress Pants — $74.99


Ryan Seacrest Distinction Light Grey Textured Two-Button Wool New Men’s Sport Coat — $79.99

Ryan Seacrest Pants Grey Textured Flat Front New Men’s Dress Pants — $39.99

Don't Be Afraid To Mix It Up

Russell Athletic Men’s Short-Sleeve Cotton T-Shirt, $8.99

“You can wear the slacks separately. If you had to go buy a T-shirt, the first you’d buy is white, black, and then you go into the other colors.”

Buy it HERE!

Men’s T-Shirts We Like:

Kamal Ohava Men’s Tri-Blend Short-Sleeve T-Shirt (Pack of 4) — $37.00

Hane’s Men’s FreshIQ Crew T-Shirt (Pack of 3) — $33.99

The Season-Less Suit Is All You Need

“Don’t get bought into the idea that ‘I need a heavier suit for the fall and a light suit for the spring.’ Get yourself a medium weight so you can wear [it] all year round, and you can always layer it to keep yourself warm.”

One Shirt To Rule Them All

Ryan Seacrest Distinction Non-Iron Slim-fit White Dress Shirt — $38.00

“If you don’t own one, you should own the ultimate white dress shirt.”

Buy it HERE!

More White Shirts We Like:

Calvin Klein Men’s Slim Fit Non-Iron Herringbone Point Collar Dress Shirt — $46.95

Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Non-Iron Slim-Fit Solid Spread Collar Dress Shirt — $33.99

Tie Is Optional. Fit Is Not Optional

“Don’t wear baggy pants, don’t wear a baggy jacket. Try to go back to John F. Kennedy days and think about looking slim and sharp. That top button should be the slimmest part of your jacket.”

Tailor Your Garments, Gents

As a guy, “you only need to take in a couple of things. Make sure the sleeve and the pant are the right length and that the blazer fits you well. If your pants are too baggy, you’ll look dumpy.

Cheapskates, You Can Tailor Old Suits And Not Have To Buy a New One

Kenneth Cole REACTION Men’s Slim Fit Black-Solid Suit Separate Jacket — $99.99

“Unless you got fatter, you can tailor old suits.If you have pants that you really like, if you put it on and feel like the top part still fits well, meaning everything above the thigh feels good, but feels like the leg is too boxy, then you can bring it to the tailor to make it skinnier. Pants don’t change much in the waist.” Any dry cleaner or tailor will do.

Buy it HERE!

More Blazers We Like:

Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Two-Button Trim-Fit Suit Separate Coat — $169.99

Haggar Men’s Stripe Two-Button Center Vent Suit Separate Jacket — $44.99

Buy Yourself Dressy Leather Sneakers

Steve Madden Men’s Croon Fashion Sneaker — $64.10

You can wear leather sneakers a lot. “Buy some new shoes. Start with the basic colors, your browns, your whites, your blacks. You can wear leather sneakers with a suit and a pair of jeans. As long as they don’t look like trainers.” Just don’t go with a lot of color. 

Buy it HERE!

More Leather Shoes We Like:

Polo Ralph Lauren Men’s Vaughn Leather Sneaker — $69.99

206 Collective Mens Prospect Leather Lace-Up Fashion Sneaker — $80.00

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