Men's Winter Style: What To Wear When Meeting Your Significant Other's Parents

It's the time of year when plenty of places offer men's winter style advice — and we need it, considering dressing for the holidays can be tricky. So, rather than ignore the fact that it wearing that reindeer tie with some beat up boots isn't exactly the best way to make an impression, especially if/when meeting your significant other's parents, we tapped the brain of professional stylist Joseph Katz for some ideas.

Solid fashion advice can be hard to come by, with comfort and substance a tough thing to conquer for some, but Joe Katz is here to help with that, giving some top notch men's winter style looks that knock out both priorities. So, while you may not impress your significant other's parents with your dad jokes, at least they'll be impressed with your style.

Breaking his different looks into three categories for meeting the significant other's family — at a restaurant, at their house for the holidays or going to a holiday party — each scenario is different, calling for a unique look to show that you put some effort into your garb. Just remember, we can give you all the fashion advice out there, but you need to handle the whole being charming thing on your own to really win them over.

Lead image via Getty.

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