The Mercedes-Benz A Class Scheduled To Make Its American Debut

Image Via Mercedes-Benz

When it comes to luxury vehicles, there are very few manufacturers that hold a candle to Mercedes-Benz. The reason Mercedes is so beloved because it's not always about the bells and whistles, they actually have attainable high-class vehicles available to consumers who not only want to ride in style, but keep their pockets full (relatively speaking, anyway). That being said, a replacement/alternative for the not-so-popular CLA-class is expected to hit the U.S. market come 2018.

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According to Road Show by CNET—"Mercedes will bring its small A-Class sedan to the US in late 2018, Automotive News reports, citing conversations with dealers who were present at a Mercedes-Benz dealer meeting in Miami this month. It will slot below the CLA-Class sedan, which carries "coupe-like" styling and is currently the smallest Mercedes on sale in the US."

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This whip has been cleverly dubbed, "The Baby Benz", most notably for it's size but the nickname is perhaps also a nod to the reasonable price tag—"The A-Class is traditionally a hatchback, but when the latest generation is introduced either later this year or early next year, it will rock a sedan body. The dealers didn't tell AN very much, saying it looks "very nice" with an interior that's "cutting edge and techy." It's expected to slot below the CLA-Class' retail price of $32,700.

$32,700.00 for sleek and modern car isn't too outlandish, is it? I mean, it's still a Benz after all. Given that the most expensive Mercedes is can be upwards of hundreds of thousands of dollars (with customization and all that jazz), I'd say this little guy is a steal. Best part? No one will accuse you of having a midlife crisis and or trying to overcompensate for your own size limitations.

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