The New Classic: Everything You Need To Know About The Mercedes-Benz X-Class

Image Via Mercedes

I just love me a nice Mercedes-Benz. Actually, what am I saying? Every Benz is a nice Benz. You hear that, MB?! Hook your girl up! Matte Black G-Wagon, please and thank you! All jokes aside (even though I'm being completely serious), Mercedes is a car manufacturer known primarily for elegance, luxury, and of course, style and they very rarely fail to deliver on those accounts.

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The new x-class pickup is no exception, as it fits the classic stereotype of a down and dirty reliable truck juxtaposed by that imaginative Mercedes flair. If you're fortunate enough to be able to afford such a beaut, then sit back and enjoy this guide. Ah, before I continue, I've got to mention that at this current time only shoppers in Europe, South Africa, Australia, Argentina, and Brazil will have the x-class made available to them. No worries my fellow Americans, we'll get there soon enough.




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To read more about the x-class, head over to Mercedes.