Metallica Absolutely Humiliated A Super Fan In Metallica Trivia On 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

Image via YouTube

I remember growing up a huge Michael Jordan fan and believing that I knew everything there was to know about the six-time NBA champ. Of course, being only 12 years old at the time and not having the ability to read shit on the Internet, that was absolutely far from the case.

But people these days have the luxury of information overload, so when a person claims to be a super fan of something, no one's really surprised when they've got a piece of memorabilia that's super rare or some knowledge that few others know.

Unfortunately, this guy named Dave—who was said to be a Metallica superfan—learned that he has a lot more things to know about his favorite rock band. That's because the heavy metal group took to Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night to school poor Dave in a new segment called "Who Knows”?


The stakes were high—with the band walking away with Dave's wallet and the superfan getting a signed guitar if he had won—but, really, it was no contest at all, as the poor fan had to battle the entire group in trivia about themselves, leaving him little chance.

In the end, Dave scored tickets to a Metallica concert at one of next summer's tour dates, so, really, he came out the winner anyway.

After watching this and the bit Metallica did with Jimmy Fallon—where they rocked out to their song "Enter Sandman" using classroom instruments—the longtime band has suddenly become the coolest around.


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