Mia Khalifa Torches NFL Rookie Chad Kelly After He Became 'Mr. Irrelevant' During NFL Draft

Image via Twitter

If nothing else, you've got to appreciate former adult film star Mia Khalifa's social media game, because, in addition to having quite the followers on both Twitter and Instagram, she brings some serious fire in her posts.

Not one to back down from a little social media engagement, Mia was back at it this weekend during the NFL Draft, which saw an old friend of hers—former Ole Miss quarterback Chad Kelly—slide all the way down the draft to the very last pick, No. 253rd overall, earning him the distinction as this year's "Mr. Irrelevant" after the Denver Broncos picked him.

Seeing the opportunity to fire some jokes Kelly's way, Mia Khalifa turned to Twitter and roasted the poor kid.

Ouch. You've got to feel for Chad Kelly—assuming you have somewhat of a soul.

To refresh your memory of how all this got started, Mia Khalifa absolutely roasted Chad Kelly during the first week of last year's college football campaign, when his Ole Miss Rebels blew a 22-point lead to Florida State and lost on national TV, 45-34.

According to the former B-list adult star's direct messages, Kelly "slid into her DMs" during last summer, which caused her to post a screen grab of the encounter on her Twitter.

Kahlifa, who's a noted Florida State football fan, had to have had that queued up for months, just waiting till the final score between Kelly's Rebels and her Seminoles, knowing all too well that she was going to nail the kid with some A-plus trolling. Hell, the jab was so bad that Kelly actually deleted his Twitter account after the news hit online.

Let this be a lesson for all of us out there—sometimes the best burn is the one that develops over time. This whole Mia Kahlifa-Chad Kelly thing is living proof of that.

This was supposed to be a dream come true for Chad, earning a spot on an NFL team. Instead, once again, Mia made sure she stole the spotlight from him... poor dude. Hey, at least he can say he's made it to the NFL, that's some consolation, right?


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