Mia Khalifa Savagely Roasts Cam Newton Over His Sexist Comments To A Female Sports Reporter

If you didn't hear, Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton isn't really having a great week. Sure, his squad is coming off an impressive win on the road against the reigning Super Bowl champion New England Patriots last week, but it wasn't what Cam did on the field that people are talking about today, because the 2015 NFL MVP had some mega sexist comments during a press conference a couple days ago when responding to a question from a female reporter, Charlotte Observer beat reporter Jourdan Rodrigue. And, as you might have guessed, Newton's taking a hard hit for his reaction and insensitive words.

Issuing an apology today, the damage has already been done to Cam Newton, with the signal-caller already having a sponsorship deal pulled from beneath him — Oikos dropped him as their spokesperson — people are laying into him about what he said. One of those people is former adult star Mia Khalifa, who is no stranger to voicing her opinion... especially on social media. Just look at some of the savage things that Khalifa had to say to Newton on Twitter.

See, we told you Mia Khalifa doesn't hold back her opinions! Now, all of this came after Cam Newton's apology — which he posted to his own Twitter account earlier today, where he called his words "degrading and disrespectful," among other things. But, even after trying to play damage control, Mia wasn't buying much from Cam. Here's the video of Newton's attempt at an apology.

Let's face it, what Cam Newton said was dumb AF and should warrant every negative reaction and consequence he's receiving right now. And, as most of us have seen before from Mia Khalifa with other athletes like Chad Kelly and Willson Contreras, she's not going to hold back from speaking her mind. That said, let's hope Cam learned from his mistake and is genuine in his apology — because he's seeing the fallout come in a big way.

See more pics of Mia Khalifa below.

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