Texans Quarterback Deshaun Watson Is Shacking Up With Mia Khalifa And Fans Are NOT Pleased

Image Via Instagram/miakhalifa

Frankly speaking, you'd think that Texans fans would WANT their Quarterback in the good graces of a woman. You know what they say, nothing cures stress better than a little somethin-something and we suspect Mia's got a WHOLE lot of somethin-somethin to give.

Turns out however, fans have a BIG problem with Deshaun Watson hanging out with Mia Khalifa. So much so, that they feel compelled to savagely mock the couple on Twitter. Mean? Yes. Entertaining? Oh, absolutely! We do feel bad laughing, it's just — Twitter, ya know? Sometimes these things can't be helped!! We're big fans of Mia and wish her no ill-will. Who knows? Maybe this will all blow over once the Texans start winning games. What?! It could happen!


Image Via Instagram/miakhalifa

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