Wizards Super Fan, Mia Khalifa, Gets Dragged On Twitter After Celtics Take Home Big Win

Image Via Mia Khalifa

Avid sport's fan and former porn star extraordinaire Mia Khalifa has NEVER been shy when it comes to her love of Washington professional sport's team (or shy in general, really)—The Redskins, Wizards, and Capitals, to be specific.

While The Wizards were just recently eliminated by The Celtics in game 7, Khalifa's duties as a super fan weren't over. She just needed to get the last word—a few final jabs at all the Bostonians who ruined her basketball championship dreams.

Poor Mia, don't you know that 1) Most people from Boston are assholes and 2) You're not the only sport's fan with an opinion, ESPECIALLY on Twitter?! You had to have known they were going to be ruthless. Then again, you've never been one to back down from a group of men (this was not a sexual innuendo, for the record).

Did some people take it too far? Of course they did, it's f'in Twitter, but some of these are actually pretty funny, not gonna lie. That's why Twitter is great, for every 300 disgusting, perverse tweets, there's like 3-4 good ones.

Fair-Weather Fan??

#SaltBae Meets #WizardBae

The Dark Porn Star

We Get It, Dude—Nice BJ Joke

Ah, Another Clever BJ Joke!!

Gettin' Salty With It

This Is Just Gross


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