Mia Khalifa Mocks A Chicago Cubs Player After He Slides Into Her DMs As If It Were Second Base

We all know the name Mia Khalifa from her adult film star past — which, even as recent as last year, saw her be one of the most-searched entertainers on the Internet. But, more recently, the brunette has become a viral sensation because of her Instagram account, which, to be fair, is a hell of a lot more tame than one might imagine given her previous job title.

However, Mia's Instagram isn't getting attention because of anything she's doing, per se, but because of thirsty ass dudes are doing, with an abundance of men are sliding into her Direct Messages as if it were a public forum to ask questions. — and the latest guy to try (and fail), is Chicago Cubs' catcher Willson Contreras.

According to the 24-year-old Khalifa's Twitter, here's Contreras' sorry ass attempt to get her attention.

We're not saying Contreras comes off as too insane, but, dude, take a hint, when a woman doesn't reply after a few messages, she's ghosting your ass and it should be taken as a loss. You're a pro athlete, you should know how to deal with those.

We'll go ahead and applaud the persistence of the Cubbies player, but Mia Khalifa was clearly not having any of it, not only ignoring the poor dude, but then publicly shaming him — which has become a bit of her MO from previous athletes like Chad Kelly and Joel Embiid.

Mia Khalifa has said before that there's only been one guy to even get a reply from her after hitting her up in a DM, so, here's a word to the wise: it's probably not the best way to try your luck. If you do try it, well, just know that she's probably going to publicly humiliate you hard for doing it.

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