Mia Khalifa Says "The WWE Will Be The Death Of Ronda Rousey's Career" And Fans Are NOT Having It

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Another day, another Mia Khalifa sports scandal. This time, however, she's trading in the NBA and NFL for the WWE — If one thing is certain, the lady knows how to piss fans off. During an episode of Complex's Out of Bounds, Mia held nothing back when it came to her opinion(s) on professional wrestling, specifically how she felt about Ronda Rousey's potential move to the WWE.

While we understand it's her job to comment on such things, we also feel like she's not qualified to give her unsolicited opinion on anything Ronda Rousey does — Rousey is a genuine beast. Frankly, you'd think Mia would be terrified of ruffling her feathers. Take a look at the exchange below:

In the event you had a difficult time following along — either because Mia talks really fast or because you were distracted by her good looks — we went ahead and rounded up the good stuff for y'all below. Needless to say, her comments were not well-received.

"This is where her career will go to die. Absolutely not. I have no respect for the WWE. I don't think it's a real sport, so, (again) I think that's where her career will go to die — it's not a sport! It's choreography. That's embarrassing though, you go from real fights to wearing a sequined unitard and pretending to fight?

One individual in particular, former pro-wrestler Hurricane Helms had no problem addressing Mia's comments on the WWE. We'll let you guys decide if the "punishment" fit the crime. Personally, we think the whole situation has just gotten too cringeworthy for words, but, hey! To each their own, right?

Well, that's definitely one way to "clap back" at Mia Khalifa — we're wondering when her career in porn will no longer be used as the butt of every single insult thrown her way. Then again, she sort of deserved it! All in all, we're a bit up in the air on this fiasco. Let's just agree to respect everyone's career choices and keep it moving, yeah?

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